If a Natural Disaster Strikes Are You Protected? Renters Insurance Protects!

Here is an eye-opening fact for a lot of tenants, your landlord’s insurance in Madison, Wisconsin will not protect your items in the case of tornado, fire, vandalism or burglary. If you are a tenant, you need renter’s insurance to protect your personal property.

As a tenant, it is considered your responsibility to have a renter’s insurance policy that covers your possessions, your landlord does not cover them.  Many property management companies and even some private owners require proof of insurance to show that you have secured a renters insurance plan before you can move into your new apartment or home.  The good news is these plans are relatively inexpensive so they are affordable.

A lot of renters are starting to understand the importance of renters insurance.  From 2011-2016 the number of renters with insurance increased from 29% to 41% but that still leaves over half of renters without coverage.

What if You Are Displaced?

What if a storm strikes and leaves the property you are renting uninhabitable during repairs? What are your options? Many renter’s policies include coverage for temporary housing costs for the time the property you are renting is uninhabitable. 

Without coverage you will have to absorb all these costs on your own and figure out how to replace all your possessions that were lost as well. The costs can start to ring up and get out of control rather quickly.

Affordable Peace of Mind

With the right policy you can worry less about “what if’s” and enjoy the protection you deserve. Renters insurance in Madison Wisconsin from a trusted insurance agency will deliver the peace of mind knowing you are protected with a plan that fits your budget perfectly.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us today.