How To Get Insurance With a Bad Driving Record?

Insurance companies like to do business with people that have good driving records because they have determined those people are less likely to get into an accident.  If you have a not so great driving record with tickets or accidents, the best way to find car insurance is to use a local Madison Wisconsin independent insurance agency that works with many high-risk insurance companies.  

If you have a bad driving record some insurance companies can be a bit difficult to work with but that does not mean you are excluded from getting auto insurance. 

You Are Not Alone

Thousands of people each year have auto accidents or other events that add points to their license. It is estimated that every driver will report an accident at least once over a 17 year period. Working with an agent can help you to find insurance that you can afford.

Insurance companies will charge a higher premium if you have violations or tickets on your driving record or if you have had an accident in the last five years. This is why it is very important to have an insurance agent on your side. An agent will know about available discounts and which insurance companies offer friendlier terms for people with some driving record issues.

The CLUE System

Every month insurance companies report to a single database called CLUE about all claims activity.  If you have been in an accident the insurance companies will know it because they check the CLUE reports when issuing a policy.  Omitting information on a quote application will result in an incorrect rate that will be updated once the actual information is applied to the policy.       

Additionally, DUI or OWI offenses along with all other tickets and violations are registered under your driver’s license.  Every insurance company does a motor vehicle check when issuing policies as well. The best way to go about things is to be honest about your situation and work with an agent.

You Can Get Insurance

No matter what your situation is you can get auto insurance.   You may have to pay more at first but the premium will drop over time.  As your tickets or accidents become older and drop outside three and five years old, your rates will go down accordingly.  Contact your local independent insurance agent to find a plan that will work for you.