Claims Process and Contact Information

For online claims submissions, they will request your policy number and possible other policy information such as zip code or main policyholder’s date of birth to start the process.

If you have any questions about your claim or the claims process or if you feel you are having any trouble at all in dealing with the company, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

To submit a claim, the insurance companies prefer you to call them directly. In some cases, they need a statement from you or have questions that only you can answer. Company phone numbers and options for submitting a new claim are listed in the grid below.

Claim processing takes some time. All companies have differences in how they manage claims so the following timetable is just a guide.

  • The initial report is made to the company. They then assign claims
    adjustor to do the investigation which can include inspection of the
    damaged property.
  • Within a maximum of two business days you should hear from the local adjustor that has been assigned to your claim.
  • You should hear from the company regarding settlement information within 7 days of the initial claim report.

Insurance Company Claims Reporting Phone Numbers and Websites


  1. Online:
  2. Phone: 888-821-0119

Foremost Auto and Bristol West Insurance Company

  1. Online:
  2. By Phone: 888-888-0080

Dairyland Cycle

  1. Online:
  2. By Phone: 800-526-4252

Dairyland Auto/Sentry Insurance

  1. Online:
  2. By Phone: 800-334-0090

First Chicago Insurance Company

  1. Online: Right side of page is for Customers/Policy Holders
  2. By Phone: 888-264-5677 or 888-262-8864

Foremost Cycle & Property

  1. Online:
  2. By Phone: 800-532-4221

The General

  1. Online:
  2. By Phone: 800-280-1466

Kemper Specialty

  1. Online:
  2. By Phone: 888-253-7834 or 800-234-3606

Kemper Preferred

  1. Online:
  2. By Phone: 888-252-2799

Safeco Insurance

  1. Online:
  2. By Phone:800-332-3226


  1. Online:
  2. By Phone:800-332-3226