Types of Insurance Issues You Need to Have Covered

Boat Insurance

You own a boat, you need insurance. While you may only use your boat a few times a year, having boat insurance is highly necessary. Why do you need this type of coverage along with the auto insurance and home insurance that you have already?

The reality is this: boat insurance is needed because the majority of homeowners insurance policies have very limited boat insurance coverage, and your vehicle and other recreational vehicle insurance policies exclude boats.  

Even if you think your boat itself is not worth insuring, be aware that boat insurance includes some Liability coverage for injuries or damage you do to others while in your boat.    

Other Recreational Toys

No matter how careful you consider yourself to be, statistics say that you may be more likely to be in a wreck or be put into potential danger when you are on a motorcycle or boat. This means you’ll want to have motorcycle insurance or boat insurance if you have these types of recreational toys in your possession.

If you drive an ATV or RV, you’ll need special insurance for these vehicles as well, even if you mainly use the ATV for home maintenance chores or the RV during certain times of the year. There are age restrictions and other legalities involved in this type of vehicle, so make sure you know what the laws are in your state and be properly insured with the right high risk insurance before taking your ATV out on the road.

SR-22 Insurance

When you are considered a high risk insured person either due to a legal issue or problems with paying insurance in full in the past — or if you’ve had lapses in automobile insurance in the past or currently — you may have to have an SR-22 included on your insurance. This requirement puts you in the high risk insurance policy category. Many insurance companies won’t sell this type policy, our agency has several that will.  Often once your SR-22 requirement is concluded, you can go back to traditional insurance policies and rates depending on your driving record.

Whether you are just curious about high risk insurance or you are looking for greater coverage, speak with your insurance agent to see what can be done to assist you. The right coverage will help you feel more confident in the things you set out to do.